Careers in the Fire Service.

A career in the fire service is rewarding, stable, and well respected.  Each day firefighters have the opportunity to make a citizen’s worst day of their life better.  There is no greater calling than to be paid for serving your community in that way.

How to pursue a fire service career can be confusing looking from the outside but East Olympia Fire District #6 can help you understand the steps to take and how to best position yourself to compete in the job market.  We offer comprehensive training to those seeking a career in exchange for their volunteer service.

In general, there are truly no entry-level paid firefighter positions available.  Successful candidates for paid firefighter jobs already have experience obtained through the volunteer fire service, or as a paid part-time firefighter.  We offer both of those programs.

If you are interested in a career, the most basic training for fire fighting is provided through a nationally accredited Firefighter 1 training academy which we provide to all of our volunteers.  In addition to Firefighter 1 (FF1), we will also send you to Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training.  With successful completion of FF1 and EMT, you will now be marketable and able to begin testing for a career position.  These two training classes alone would cost you several thousand dollars to obtain on your own.  As a volunteer you will be able to put your new skills to work, gaining valuable on the job experience all the while developing into an unbeatable career candidate.

We continuously provide firefighter training to the highest quality possible to ensure our firefighters possess the essential skills and abilities to safely and effectively deliver services to our citizens. Training consists of personal protective equipment, driving/operating fire engines, fire behavior, water supply, fire hose, ventilation, ladders, and vehicle extrication to name a few.  District 6 is active in the fire service within the State, and through various interactions, stays abreast of the latest developments in the industry, so you will always know the current trends or developing technology – giving you an edge in the interview process.

East Olympia Fire District #6 is unique in that the agency has invested in a training center (prop city) located at Station 64, which allows our Training Division to deliver hands-on, live-fire training on car fires, dumpster fires, search and rescue, ventilation, and a drafting tank for pump training.

In addition to the skills training, we offer individual career guidance on request, provided by dedicated fire service professionals with diverse experience.  We are here to help you succeed!  If you would like additional information, please contact us or submit an application.  We accept volunteers both locally and within a reasonable (approximately 1 hour) driving area.

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